Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back Home Again in Ireland

In our early 50s when some people are winding down to retirement, we opted for a new beginning! 
Leaving behind the sub-tropics and surf beaches of our home on the Sunshine Coast, we migrated to the bustling city of London. That was mid-2009. 
My sister-in-law, Christine had worked hard all her life and raised a family of four beautiful girls. At 60 she had never travelled. But in September 2010 she mustered the courage to endure the long haul flight to visit us in Ealing and experience London and take as many trips as humanly possible.
Our little band of Aussie tourists comprised Andrew and me, daughter Justine and boyfriend Andy and Christine as we explored the south west of Ireland and enjoyed warm Irish B&B hospitality, stunning scenery, colourful history and rowdy craic! 
Come along with us for a  Jaunt Around Ireland

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